CAM-Steel evolution - Materials and tools

and tools
The importance of raw materials and semi-finished products, together with our technologically advanced tools guarantee optimal results.
What materials do we work with?
From steel to iron, through electro-galvanized sheet metal to brass and copper.
We can process various materials of consistently high quality.
Electro-galvanized sheet
Electro-galvanized sheet
Always in search of
better working tools
The quality of the materials is not enough to guarantee a flawless product.
We are constantly evolving, especially with regard to instrumentation and machines for metalworking.
our equipment
Development area
CAM uses the best solutions and main software for sheet metal working. Thanks to our experience and the technologies used, we are able to offer our customers the best solutions currently available on the market. For this reason, we continue to update our production structure with increasingly advanced applications and machines.
Punching and threading
CAM uses two AMADA punching machines with automatic loading and unloading for punching and threading.
Laser cut
High speed, maximum precision, energy saving

CAM has two AMADA fiber laser cutting systems, one FLC-3015 AJ and one VENTIS-3015 AJ both with automatic storage.
Plants with automatic control of the cutting parameters, power and waveform of the laser, type and pressure of the assist gases, distance between nozzle and material, with interactive graphical interface "online".
Power and waveform bonding at the actual tool speed.
Automatic recognition of the type of lens installed.
Motorized lens for automatic adjustment of the focal point. Control of service gases with proportional valve.
The laser source developed by AMADA represents the latest generation of fiber technology. The combination of these elements and the different options mentioned above provide solutions to meet all your production needs.
Main features:
- Process Monitoring System and factors that can cause defects in the process (breakthrough, plasma, etc...)
- "One Touch" Lens and Nozzle Changer for faster machine setup
- Oil Shot : Before the medium thickness material is pierced, oil is sprayed on the surface to prevent slag formation, improving the quality and stability of the processing
- Cooled Cutting: WACS Water Assisted Cutting System for stable sheet metal processing, used to eliminate the effects of overheating by preventing cutting defects
- Nozzle change: the most suitable nozzle is automatically selected according to the type of material to be cut and the need for cutting
- Nozzle Cleaning System: Automatic cleaning of the nozzle tip to remove any splashes and dust deposits to avoid cutting defects
- HS capacitive head: To ensure reliable machining, the FLC-305 AJ is equipped with the latest generation "HS Capacitance Sensing" head, which is able to follow the sheet metal profile quickly and uniformly, keeping the cut constant even when the sheet is not 100% flat
- Loading/Unloading Towers (ASLUL): A fully automated tower system incorporating raw material pallets and pallets for finished parts.
Semi-automatic panel forming machine
RAS UpDownCenter

This bending center uses the technology of folding by flag that accompanies the sheet without marking it and performs folds in positive and negative automatically, without having to overturn the sheet. The panelling machine was created with the aim of making it as simple and immediate as possible.
The operator places the sheet on the work table equipped with suction cups which move the sheet automatically placing it on the fold line. Two devices, placed on the sides of the machine, load the bending tools on the upper blade, with great speed and precision The machine then makes the folds in positive and negative, without having to flip the sheet.
The UpDownCenter is also equipped with the programming system Bendex 3D multi-touch Control 24", simply brilliant: the operator creates the piece to be made directly on the monitor, in 3D, or importing a dxf file, step or geo file, press the button and the Multi-systemTouch Control develops the entire bending sequence, including tool change, automatically.
If there are several possibilities to obtain the final piece, the programmer proposes the different solutions, suggesting the optimal bending and tool change strategy. The operator can then visualize in 3D the entire simulation of the bend cycle, zooming in on the various details. This system greatly simplifies the programming phase, making the machine easily manageable.
The UpDownBend is an electric machine so, compared to hydraulic machinery, it is more precise, faster and requires very little maintenance.
The UpDownBend is also an energy-saving machine: it is equipped with servo-assisted motors, which reuse 80% of the energy released by the machine itself.
Automatic bending and bending machine
This new press brake has truly innovative and important features that will allow us to offer our productions in less time and with even better characteristics.
Among the important features we find the automatic tool change (this reduces the set-up time of the machine thus maximizing the efficiency and production efficiency for small and medium-sized batches)integrates a warehouse of tools for processing (thus minimizing tool change times), is equipped with a hydraulic and electronic servo-control at the forefront, and integrates the laser patent LVD Easy-Form, finally is equipped with touch-monitor19-inch screen equipped with a newly programmed numerical control.
CAM has a department dedicated to calendering the sheet
Cutting tubes and profiles
CAM has a section for cutting tubes and profiles equipped with automatic band saws and a brand new BLM GROUP LASER TUBO system capable of machining profiles up to 13.5 kg/m and diameters from 12 up to 120 mm.
Brushes and sanding Inox/Aluminium
CAM has a department for brushing and sanding stainless steel and aluminum.
Welding robot
Robot Welding

The Kawasaki robotic island is equipped with 2 workstations to allow the operator to load and unload the parts on one station while the robot performs the welding on the second.
The two work stations are equipped with one-way rotating joints for compressed air supply on board the table, to allow the supply of any pneumatic automatic equipment.

The strengths

- Quality

- Precision and repeatability of operations.

- Flexibility

Automatic table feeding device. Waste collection and evacuation device. Integrability in FMS contexts.

- Versatility

Easy access to the work surface thanks to the ergonomic central door. Quick and easy preparation of the press plate.

- Flexibility

Availability of 64 "tools" for steel, stainless steel, aluminum and other metals, plastics, wood, etc., in a customizable database. For each tool are provided cutting, drilling on profile, drilling out of profile, marking and chiseling.

- Automation

Automatic control of the cutting parameters, power and waveform of the laser, type and pressure of the assist gases, distance between nozzle and material, with interactive graphical interface "online".
Power and waveform interlocking at the actual speed of the tool. Automatic recognition of the installed lens type. Motorized lens for automatic focal point adjustment.
Service gas control with proportional valve.

- Diagnostics

Advanced self-diagnosis, remote diagnosis and computer-assisted remote maintenance functions.

- Security

Partial fume extraction. Optical path with safety guards, electrical interlocks and thermal sensors behind the mirrors. Simulation of the vacuum cycle with alignment laser.
Powder coating

Painting performed in catenary with a plant.
Max parts dimensions to be treated:
Height mm. 2200
Length mm. 800
Width mm. 800

The plant also has a pressurized painting booth with height mt. 3, width mt. 2.20 and length mt.5, with oven in which you can treat bulky details both in size and weight.

CAM uses the new painting technologies and systems developed by Gema Switzerland GmbH. All equipment and its application systems are technologically advanced and of high quality, developed and produced in the Swiss headquarters in St Gallen. This technology allows us to find the most suitable solutions to meet your requests and needs.
Sealing and bonding systems IP65
CAM has a mixing and dosing department for gaskets to ensure the degree of protection IP65.
Assembly packaging finished products
The complete range of accessories available ready for delivery and factory assemblies offer significant advantages in terms of reducing time losses, and therefore costs for the buyer.
CAM has the possibility to carry out with own means various types of shipments, from the supply of logistic services of support to the handling and the distribution of the goods. So CAM is able to meet the distribution needs of customers.
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